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Mr Andrew J P Nott, BA (Wales), PGCE

Deputy Head

Mr N Armitage, BA (UEA), PGCE, PSHCE

Head of Pre-Prep 

Mrs S Russell, BEd (Sussex)

Head of Middle School

Miss J Greenwell, BSc (Miami), PGCE


Mr A Pearson, BSc (Oxford Brookes), House Parent, Head of PSHE, Games, PE
Mrs T Pearson, BA (NUI Galway), House Parent

Teaching Staff 

Miss A Anson, BEd(Cantab), Hornsby Dip, Head of Learning Support
Mr J Avery, BSc (Oxford Brookes), PGCE, Head of PE, Deputy House Parent
Mrs J L Avery, BSc (Oxford Brookes), PGCE, Pre-Prep, Deputy House Parent
Mr G Blanchard, BA (UWE Bristol), PGCE, Head of Boys' Games, Geography
Mrs J Blythe, BA (PTE) (Oxford Brookes), QTS, Head of Nursery
Mrs K Boswell, BA (PTE) (Oxford Brookes), QTS, Head of COGS, English, Maths, History
Miss L Botsford, BED (Befordshire), Pre-Prep
Mrs L Brodley, PGCE, Pre-Prep
Miss E Brown, BSc (Cardiff), PGCE, Middle School, Head of Activities
Mrs E Chamier-Williams, BA (Durham), PGCE, Pre-Prep
Mr R J G Clarke, BA (Canterbury), QTS, Senior Tutor (Boys), Maths
Mrs K L Clarke, BSc (Leeds), QTS, Head of DT
Mr R L Cleaver, BA (Newcastle), MA (Worcester), PGCE, Head of Maths, Head of Examinations
Miss J Collignon, Science Technician
Miss F Crook, BSC (Durham), PGCE, Middle School
Mrs S Dale, BSc, (Harper Adams), DT Technician, Assistant Librarian
Mrs S Dams, BA (Sheffield), PGCE, OCN L3 (BDA), PGCAEP Literacy Difficulties, Learning Support
Mrs L Davies, BEd (Sheffield),PGC SEN, PGC SpLD, AMBDA, Senior Tutor (Girls), English, Maths
Mrs E Dickins, Librarian
Mrs J Du Plessis, PDA, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Ms S Ewins, ARCM, Dip RCM perf, PGCE, Director of Music 
Mrs A Eykyn, BA (Newcastle), PGDME, Forest School Leader & Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gillian Farrow, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss G Finney, BSc (Lancaster), PGCE, Pre-Prep
Mrs J Fisher, BA (Newcastle) PGCE, Pre-Prep
Mrs H Flower, BSc (Open University), Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Galbraith, BA (London), Middle School Teaching Assistant
Mrs Katherine Godfrey, BA(Hons) Manchester Metropolitan University, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Golding, BSc (Glos), PGCE, Games
Miss J Greenwell, BSc (Miami), PGCE, Head of Middle School
Mrs S Halliday, BA (Reading), PGCE, Head of Geography, History
Mr M D Hargreaves, BA, PGCE, CPSE, Head of History, Head of Scholarship
Mrs E Heck, MA (Cantab), PGCE, Latin
Miss A Horton, BSc(UWE Bristol), PE, Games, Learning Support
Mr J Kennard, BSc (East Anglia), PGCE, Science, Head of Current Affairs
Mrs A Hiscock, CACHE Level 3 Diploma, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs D S Landray, BSc (York), PGCE, Head of Science
Mr B Leullier, BA (Lille), MSc (Lille, Stafford), PGCE, Head of Languages, Head of Curriculum and Assessment
Mrs A Lings, BEd (Oxon), Pre-Prep, ICT, PE, Dance
Mrs C Marnham, BA (Bristol), PGCE, French, Latin
Miss S A Middleton, GRNCM, PGCE, Head of Art, English
Mr R Mitchell, BA (Coventry), PGCE, Head of Drama, Educational Visits Coordinator
Miss E Molloy, BA (Cardiff), PGCE, Pre-Prep
Mrs G Newman, BA (Birmingham), PGCE, Head of Girls’ Games
Mrs S J North, MA (St Andrew’s), PGCE, Head of English, Head of Gifted and Talented
Mrs H Owen, DipTeach (Brisbane), Girls' Games
Dr S J Owenson, PhD (Warwick), PGCE, Head of Teaching Development, Science
Mr A Pearson, BSc (Oxford Brookes), PGCE, Head of PSHE, Games, PE
Mrs R Pickering, BA (Exeter), PGCE, Head of RS
Mrs K V Ricks, BSc (Brunel), PGCE, Assistant Head of Girls' Games
Miss R H Rowe, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Rundle, BSc (Open University), MBPsS, Learning Support, Pre-Test Coordinator
Mrs J L Russell, BEd (Newport), Middle School English, ICT
Mr E A Sherriff, BA (Birningham), PGCE, Middle School
Mrs K Sherriff, BA (Exeter), PGCE, Middle School
Mr Michael Smith, Middle and Upper School Teaching Assistant
Mrs S A Strange, BSc (Aberystwyth), PGCE, Maths
Mrs Kayleigh Steenaart, CACHE Level 3 NVQ, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mr M Waller, BA (University of Wales, Lampeter), MA (Nottingham), Head of Latin
Mrs A Walsh, BEd (CNAA), Pre-Prep
Mrs R Walsham, Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Ward, BA (East Anglia), PGCE, English, Maths, Art, DT
Mrs D Warner, BEd (Music), Assistant Head of Music
Mrs C Wilsdon, CACHE Level 3 Diploma, Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Withers, BEd (London), English 
Mr G Wootten, BEd, Head of ICT

Non Teaching Staff 

Bursar: Mr A Hamilton, BEng (Bath) MCMI
Assistant Bursar: Mrs J Brown
Registrar: Mrs P Johnson
Head of Marketing: Mrs S M Nott, MA (Cantab) 
Head of External Relations, Events and HR Manager: Mrs H Lloyd
School Chaplain: The Revd Canon R Humphreys, BA, Cert Ed, GOE (Oxford)
PA to Headmaster, Academic Administration: Mrs K Everatt
Receptionists: Mrs V Thomasson and Mrs S Main
Bursary Assistant: Mrs K Dawes
Head Nurse: Mrs F Lines
Nurse: Mrs A Codrington
IT Technician: Mr S Woodyer-Ward
Grounds Staff: Mr J Esplin, Mr Paul Harris
Caretaker: Mr G Bowerman
Manor House Cleaning: Mrs H Rowland, Miss S Hutt 
Laundry: Mrs K Titcombe