What is 'Take One..'

‘Take One…’ is an exciting, cross curricular project embarked on each Spring in conjunction with the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The ‘Take One…’ initiative was first started by the National Gallery in London who chose a painting on an annual basis that provided the stimulus for schemes of work in schools across the country.  This was often led very much by the interest of the children, and their interpretationand curiosity about the work drove the project in varied directions. The Ashmolean Museum subsequently became a partner with the National Gallery in identifying not only works of art but historical artefacts for schools to use as a stimulus for the learning taking place.

We are thrilled to be using Nandi as our stimulus this term. Each of the major Hindu deities is associated with a vahana; a bird or animal on which he or she rides. This sculpture is of Nandi the bull, vahana of the powerful god Shiva. Worshippers arriving at a temple dedicated to Shiva will often encounter a large sculpture, like this one, of the reclining bull gazing devotedly towards the inner shrine, where the image of his master Shiva resides.

Our project has been kick started over the first three days of term during which the children have participated in a range of skills workshops that covered important themes such as ‘Mind Mapping’ as well as a comprehensive programme of activities introducing them to thinking and learning skills. This is in preparation for them being responsible for the planning, research and presentation of their learning this term alongside a variety of taught sessions and facilitated activities.

They will also participate, over the next fortnight, in workshops on ‘Presentation’, and a scheme of Literacy to support their ‘Note Taking and Research’. In addition to this, the children have all visited the Ashmolean Museum to see first-hand the artefact that will be our initial stimulus, as well as taking part in a programme of activities with the education team at the Museum.Work towards the project will take place across the curriculum encompassing everything from History and Geography to Art, Drama, DT, Music and Forest School. The children will choose the themes linked to this stimulus that interest them personally and celebrate their learning at a grand end of term exhibition.