At the age of 13 our pupils go on to a wide variety of senior schools, both boarding and day, coeducational and single sex. We are proud of our excellent record in pre-tests, CE and Scholarship. Academic awards have been matched by others for art, DT, drama, music, sport and all-round strengths and leadership qualities.

We continue our 100% success rate for senior school entry. We are proud of all our pupils for gaining entry to their first choice of senior school, with excellent results in both CE and Scholarship examinations.

Scholarships awarded in the last four years are listed below:

Scholarship Awards 2017/18

Armytage, Arty - Pangbourne, Sport
Back, Jemima - St Mary’s, Calne, Academic
Best, Harry - Denstone, Music
Clayton, Fenella - Cheltenham College, Sport, Art
Davis, Casper - Harrow, Sport
Dedman, Jenny - Headington, Music
Eykyn, Sam - Cheltenham College, Drama
Goodwin, Olivia - St Mary’s, Calne, Academic, Art, Sport, Drama
Greenham, Charlotte - Marlborough, Academic
Markovitz, Isaac - OLA, Academic
Miller, Leo - Abingdon, Academic
Miners, Annie - Bradfield, Sport
Morgan, Alice - Headington, Art
Rosenfeld, Matthew - Cheltenham College, DT
Warren, Ella - St Helen’s & St Katharine’s, Art
Wickens, Jamie - Abingdon, Sport
Wright, Susanna - Dauntsey’s, Academic, Sport, Music
Wright, Susanna  - St Helen’s & St Katharine's, Academic, Music
Yardley, Isabella  - Cheltenham College, Sport

Scholarship Awards 2016/17

Alder, E - Radley, Academic & Sport
Armitage, Z - Radley, Drama & Music
Clemence, C - Cheltenham College, Sport
Clemence, C - St Helen’s & St Katharine’s, Academic
Greenacre, E - Headington, Drama
Green, H - St Edward’s, Academic
Hudson, K - St Mary’s, Calne, Academic
Isaacs, W - Radley, Academic
Kelly, J - St Edward’s, Drama
Needham, N - Rye St Antony, Drama
Rogan, G - Abingdon, Academic (Young & Summers)
Selby-Lowndes, F - Abingdon, Sport
Spier, I - Winchester, Academic (Election) & Music
Spier, O - Bryanston, Music
Strutt, R - St Mary’s, Calne, Sport
Sutton, L - Cheltenham College, All-Rounder & DT
Thomson, A - Cheltenham College, Sport
Walker, J - Marlborough, Art

Scholarship Awards – 2015/16

Asher, A -­ Dean Close, Sport
Asher, A -­ Dean Close, Music
Asher, A -­ Cheltenham College, Sport
Clayton, B -­ Cheltenham College, Sport
Codrington, W -­ Radley, Academic
Cope, E -­ Headington, Sport
Ergatoudis, L -­ Cokethorpe, Art
Forgrave, G -­ Uppingham, Art
Harrison, E -­ Cheltenham College, Art
Johnson, T -­ St Helen’s & St Katharine’s, Academic
Johnson, T -­ Cheltenham Ladies' College, Academic
Matthews, E -­ Dean Close, Music
Paton, S -­ St Helen’s & St Katharine’s, Sport
Paton, S -­ Cheltenham Ladies' College, Sport, Principal’s Exhibition
Walker, O -­ Cheltenham, Sport
Walker, N -­ Headington, Art

Scholarship Awards – 2014/15

Blacker, D - Dean Close, Sport
Clayton, J - Cheltenham, Sport
Clemence, H - Magdalen College School, Academic
Hicks Beach, S - Dean Close, All-Rounder
Isaacs, T - Radley, All-Rounder
Jennings, K - Cheltenham College, Sport
Keen, C - St Edward’s, Sport
Mitchell, S - Cheltenham College, Sport
Rosenfeld, L - Cheltenham Ladies College, Sport
Sangha, C - St Helen’s & St Katharine’s, Academic, Sport
Sutton, M - Cheltenham College, Sport
Walker, S - Rye, St Antony, All-Rounder