Boarding at St Hugh’s flourishes, embracing the different boarding needs of parents and pupils alike.

At the core of our boarding remains our weekly boarders who benefit immensely from living together within a friendly, well supported and family-based community.

In addition to this, pupils may choose to be a flexi-boarder. Flexi boarding is designed for pupils to spend between one and three nights per week in the house. This method of boarding is very useful for pupils to ‘get used’ to boarding on a regular basis before weekly boarding.

Our primary aim in boarding is ‘to provide each child with an environment in which he / she can flourish, develop and fulfill their potential whilst staying away from home’.

If you would like your child to begin boarding or have any queries, please contact Mr and Mrs Pearson:


House Parents


Mr A Pearson
Mrs T Pearson

Deputy House Parents Mr J Avery
Mrs J Avery
House Tutors Mr N Armitage
Miss J Greenwell
Mr G Blanchard
Mrs K Boswell
Mr J Towers
Miss A Horton
Miss G Finney
Miss S Ewins
Head Nurse (Nurse Fiona)
Mrs F Lines
Resident House Tutor

Miss H Joseph-Green

Matrons: Non-resident


Mrs D Pargeter
Miss E Smith
School Telephone Number 01367 870700
Houseparents 01367 870712
Matrons (Day Room) 01367 870715


Daily Routine

7.15 a.m - Boarders woken by Houseparents

7.45 a.m - Breakfast

8.25 a.m - School begins: registration in form rooms

4.40 p.m - School ends

4.45 p.m - 5.30 p.m - Supervised clubs, activities and free time

5.30 p.m - Supper

6.30 p.m - Supervised prep

7.00 p.m - Prep ends for junior pupils

7.30 p.m - Prep ends for Yr 5, Yr 6, Yr 7 and (on Friday) Yr 8

7.30 p.m - 8.30 p.m - Supervised activities

7.50 p.m - 8.10 p.m - Snacks in the dining room


Boarders then have free time until their bedtimes.



The system of bedtimes differs depending on age, the simple principle being that the older the pupil the later the bedtime.

Years 3, 4 Upstairs at 7.30 p.m Lights out at 8.00 p.m
Year 5 Upstairs at 8.00 p.m Lights out at 8.30 p.m
Year 6 Upstairs at 8.15 p.m Lights out at 8.45 p.m
Years 7, 8 Upstairs at 8.45 p.m Lights out at 9.15 p.m



Please refer to the Admissions section of the website for full details of boarding fees.